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Standard Hourly RateSHR £ 89.00Multi-skilled Engineer rate
Same Day Emergency Or OOHOOH £ 145.00Standard charge if space in normal day
Oil or Warm Air Hourly RateOWR £ 120.00Specialist Engineer skills
Oil or Warm Air ServiceOWS £ 155.00Annual service, exc parts
Warm Air Service + CP12CP12W £ 205.00Annual service, exc parts
Unvented Cylinder ServiceUCS £ 115.00Annual service, exc parts
Standard Boiler Service (SBS)SBS £ 115.00Annual service, exc parts
SBS + CP12CP12SBS £ 160.00Annual service, exc parts
Strip down Major Boiler Service (MBS)MBS £ 190.00Normally every 4-5yrs, inc parts
MBS + CP12CP12MBS £ 235.00Normally every 4-5yrs, inc parts
CP12 onlyCP12X £ 99.00Proof of Recent annual service req
Boiler repairs requiredREPAIRSTBCAdditional identified repairs req
CO Alarms supplied and fittedCOA £ 39.00Cost if installed whilst already onsite
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